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Insight PA Cyber Charter School
Grades: K–11 (adding a grade each year to offer grades K-12 by 2019-2020)

Insight PA Cyber Charter School is a K12-powered online public school in Pennsylvania, for independent learners who love an academic challenge. Our educators are dedicated to inspiring and empowering students through an education experience tailored to each child's needs.
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  • A rigorous, engaging curriculum that includes traditional core subjects as well as art, music, world languages, honors and credit recovery courses, and electives
  • Middle school and high school students can discover possible career paths by taking a career exploratory course
  • Pennsylvania-certified teachers conduct live, online classes and provide a personalized approach tailored to student needs 
  • Guidance counselors and college and career workshops help students set goals for the future
  • Activities and clubs bring students together in an active, supportive school community


High school students can prepare for college and career with The Destinations Career Program at ISPA, which will offer career courses in Business, Health Science, and Information Technology. Students can get ahead by preparing for industry-recognized certification exams upon graduation.

Agora Cyber Charter School
Grades K–12

Agora offers a superior education with a complete support team providing your student(s) with a personalized learning experience. Some of the key distinguishers include a regionally assigned Family Coach and highly skilled teachers that are state-certified in their subject area. Additionally, we provide a variety of educational, social events and school clubs to enrich your student’s online school experience.

Hill House Passport Academy 
Grades: 9–12

Required Onsite Classes in Pittsburgh
At this school, students have the chance to get back on track and earn a high school diploma. Students attend daily, onsite classes in Pittsburgh for blended learning experiences—online learning with face-to-face instruction—and enjoy flexible scheduling that fits their needs.

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