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Cascade Virtual Academy
Grades: K-8

Cascade Virtual Academy is a public, statewide online charter school authorized by Mitchell School District for independent learners with a passion for knowledge. Our educators are dedicated to inspiring and empowering students in grades K–8 to reach their full potential. A rigorous, engaging curriculum allows students to "dive deep," and includes traditional core subjects, art, music, and world languages. Oregon-licensed teachers conduct live, online classes and provide a personalized approach tailored to student needs. Activities and clubs bring students together in an active, supportive school community.

Destinations Career Academy of Oregon
Grades: 9–11 (adding grade 12 in 2019-2020)

Destinations Career Academy of Oregon, an online charter school authorized by Mitchell School District (MSD), is an innovative online program that merges traditional academics with career technical education, which is in high demand in today's workforce. Whether students are interested in college or a higher-paying job after graduation, they can earn a high school diploma and acquire real-world skills in Health Science, Information Technology, or Marketing. The engaging, interactive curriculum includes world languages, and numerous electives. Oregon-licensed teachers provide live online instruction and guide student progress. Students can gain workplace experience and prepare for industry-recognized certification exams that can open doors to a bright future.

Oregon Virtual Academy
Grades: K–12

Oregon Virtual Academy provides an individualized education experience that brings learning alive and helps students reach their potential. An engaging, dynamic curriculum features a wide selection of courses that include AP® and career technical education, plus electives such as art, music, and Spanish. Qualified high school students can earn college credits on select courses. Numerous clubs and activities are also offered. Oregon-licensed teachers provide instruction, oversee academic growth, and interact regularly with students in live online classes. Counselors and other school staff give guidance and support for students and families.

Insight School of Oregon-Painted Hills
Grades: 7–12

Insight School of Oregon-Painted Hills is an innovative online school for college-and career-minded students that provides a competitive advantage right out of high school. Classes allow students to be more successful and earn high school credits at a faster pace. Staffed with skilled, experienced, certified educators who put the student first, ISOR-PH offers students smaller classroom sizes, more one-to-one time with teachers, two career pathway options in Business, Health Science, IT, and an opportunity to earn high school credit based on job and/or volunteering experience. School-based clubs, parent support groups, and peer mentor programs also provide support and guidance to ensure that by graduation, students will have acquired an impressive set of academic, technical, and career skills.

Other Schools Powered by K12

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A3-Oregon Prep
Grades: K–12

Provides an education that's rigorous and flexible, with field trips and enrichment activities.

A3-Oregon TEC
Grades: K–12

A technology-focused online school with a diverse range of course and extra-curricular options.

A3-World Language Academy Oregon
Grades: K–12

As part of the core curriculum, students can immerse themselves in a world language, choosing from among six different languages and extracurricular language clubs. A wide variety of electives are also available, including Career Technical Education courses. WLA also awards scholarships to graduates.

A3-Uplift Oregon
Grades: 9–12

Uplift Oregon provides a flexible education experience with credit recovery options for older students who wish to return to school and earn a diploma.

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