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Grades: K-12
STEM Courses

Grades: K-10*
College Dual Credit

Grades: K-12
HS Career Academy

Grades: 6-12
Credit Recovery

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Michigan Virtual Charter Academy
Grades: K–12
Michigan Virtual Charter Academy is dedicated to providing an enriching learning experience tailored to each student's needs. The school encourages a collaborative partnership among teachers, staff, families, and students. The engaging, highly interactive curriculum challenges students, while Michigan-certified teachers interact with students in live online class sessions and provide guidance and extra help when needed. Through the school's partnership with DAPCEP, 3rd–12th graders can choose from a variety of STEM-related workshops. High school students can take AP® courses and get ahead with dual enrollment options in college courses. Field trips and other activities help students connect in a vibrant, supportive school community.
Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan
Grades: *K–10 (adding a grade each year to offer grades K-12 by 2020–2021)
Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan partners with families to offer an exceptional, personalized learning experience. Michigan-certified teachers work with Learning Coaches, typically a parent, to guide students through the online curriculum at home. K–5 students participate in live online classes based on What I Need (WIN) scheduling to support their independent learning. Middle school and high school students use a blend of live and independent class time to complete a rigorous K12 curriculum designed to prepare them for our Early Middle College program and postsecondary success. Highpoint will add a grade level each year to offer grades K–12 by the 2020–2021 school year.
Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy
Grades: K–12
Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy partners with families to awaken the joy of learning in students and help them become self-motivated learners with greater academic success and confidence. Michigan-certified teachers provide guidance and work with students in live online classes. An engaging, highly interactive curriculum challenges students with traditional core courses, art, music, world languages, career technical education electives, and more. A dual enrollment program allows qualified high school students to earn college credits on select courses. The school also offers the Destinations Career Program, where 9th–12th graders can prepare for college and career by taking career technical education courses in Business, Finance, Marketing, and Health Science.

High school students can prepare for college and career with The Destinations Career Program at MGLVA—offering CTE courses in Business, Finance, Marketing, and Health Science. Students can get ahead by earning college credits now and preparing for industry-recognized certification exams upon graduation.

Insight School of Michigan
Grades: 6–12
Insight School of Michigan recognizes the potential of every student and provides students and families with a supportive approach to help them overcome obstacles to academic success. The school is designed to help students stay in school and earn a high school diploma. Credit recovery courses, block scheduling, and a variety of support programs for students and families are among the resources that enable students to build confidence and skills. Experienced teachers and counselors are dedicated to inspiring students to work hard and take positive steps forward.

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