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Idaho Virtual Academy
Grades: K–12

Idaho Virtual Academy provides students with an individualized education experience tailored to their needs. The school offers a robust K–8 Advanced Learner Program and participates in the state's Advanced Opportunities Program. This state-run program offers Early Graduation Scholarships as well as $4,125 in Fast Forward funds for 7th–12th graders to be used for overload courses, dual-credit courses, and exams. The school also provides strong supports for high school students facing academic or behavioral challenges. In coordination with the local school districts, students may participate in extracurricular athletics and activities. The school offers regular opportunities for students to connect during their online classes and additional opportunities for families to connect at regional events.

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Earn college credit taking exceptional K12 courses through our concurrent enrollment program.*


Idaho Technical Career Academy
Grades: 9–12

Get ready for life after high school with a diploma and steps toward a great career in a field like IT, business, or health care. ITCA is Idaho's first virtual high school career academy. Students take the same core subjects as any other Idaho high school student; the difference is in the electives. Courses in one of four different career fields are available along with electives like Digital Arts and Marketing. ITCA helps students prepare for life after high school, whether it is a job, college, or both. College credits can also be earned in select courses, along with preparing for and earning certifications from third-party testing services that businesses want, like Microsoft and NOCTI. Students are also able to engage online or in person with other students who are on similar paths through clubs, competitions, social outings, and more.

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Students can graduate high school with industry-recognized certifications, workplace experiences, and college credits. They’ll have an advantage—whether their next step is college, career, or both!

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