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Florida Cyber Charter Academy
Grades: K–12
Three school options now available to all Florida students!*

Florida Cyber Charter Academy provides its students with a personalized education experience at one of our three schools: Duval, Clay, and Osceola (subject to each school's enrollment cap). A rigorous, engaging, and interactive curriculum features subjects—such as art, music, world languages, and honors courses—that help prepare students for college. Florida-certified teachers interact with students in live online class sessions and provide guidance and extra help when needed. An active school community provides support and enrichment through field trips, community service opportunities, and clubs.

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Florida Virtual Instruction Programs
Grades: K–12

Florida Virtual Instruction Programs are available in more than two-thirds of Florida’s counties. They offer a rigorous curriculum and a robust Advanced Learner Program for elementary and middle school students. Students meet with teachers and other students through local programs and activities.

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