Here's What Our Students and Parents Say

"With WAVA, my daughter has blossomed into a critical thinker that looks forward to a daily challenges. We look forward to many more memorable years with K12."

Holly V., Gig Harbor, WA    

"We are so grateful for [my son's teacher], she is consistently positive, supportive, uplifting and genuinely all around amazing to every child in the class. More than any other teacher, I truly believe that her incredibly kind and fun nature has inspired all the kids in her class to feel free to share and be a part of the class unit. I have never heard her be impatient with a child, not once.  As a Learning Coach and parent, I have to say she is not only incredibly supportive and kind to every student, but she's super witty and funny, which makes the entire Class Connect process fun for us all. I am impressed and grateful for this teacher!"

— Amy P., WAVA Parent    

94% of WAVA parents
say their student has benefited academically from K12 curriculum

Source: K–8 and High School Parent Satisfaction surveys for K12 managed public schools conducted by Edge Research, Spring 2016

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