Here's What Our Students and Parents Say

"Our teachers are so helpful and supportive! They really understand that every child is unique. I am so thankful that my family has had the opportunity to do virtual schooling at home. It has been such a blessing for us!”

K12 Parent    

"[My teacher] has made a difference in my life by showing me that some teachers really do care about whether or not you're learning. She is constantly refreshing the way she teaches in an effort to make sure that her students understand the material, and she calls personally if she suspects that we're struggling with her class or just overall. She is very kind, and I use her as an example when I get to tutor kids at my job. Love her!"

— Kaylan K., TOPS Student    

92% of K12 parents
say their student has benefited academically from K12 curriculum

Source: K–8 and High School Parent Satisfaction surveys for K12 managed public schools conducted by Edge Research, Spring 2016

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