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Career Technical Education (CTE) combines traditional academics with career-focused courses in high-demand fields preparing students for life after high school while saving them time and money.

  • Students study traditional academics offered in K12's engaging curriculum as well as career-focused electives in high-demand fields, such as health care and IT*
  • Students prepare for college or the workforce by developing real-world, marketable skills 

*Courses vary by school and program. 

Don't see your state in the list? We also offer private school options below.

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  • Accredited full-time, part-time and individual course enrollment for grades K–12 in all states
  • Affordable tuition and payment plans
  • Individualized learning with flexibility to meet your needs
  • Dedicated teachers and college and career planning

†Note only K12 International Academy offers CTE courses, at this time.

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